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Poster presentations

Eil. Nr. Dokument┼│ s─ůra┼ías I┼ísaugoti
1 Influence of finishing laser cutting on the wear of the friction pair surface. - ─î.Sipavi─Źius, A.Amulevi─Źius, K.Ma┼żeika, J.Padgurskas, R.Davidonis, A.Daugvila
2 Thermoplastic multiphase composites tensile and creep behaviour. - T.Ivanova, J.Zicans, M.Kalnins, R.Maksimov, ┼Ż.Roja
3 Temperature fields occurring when machining surfaces of inorganic glass parts. - D.TKACHUK
4 Experimental research of a pellice of a liquid in contact sealing of reciprocating connections. - I.Nachovny, A.Burya, A.Dudka
5 Investigation on strengthening of working part of agricultural machines by steel-facing. - V.Jankauskas, R.Kreivaitis, D.Stonkus
6 Tribological and electret-thermal analysis of drugs for local therapy of joints. - L.S.Pinchuk, Z.V. Kadolich, Y.M.Chernyakova, E.A.Tsvetkova
7 Grease squeeze film for the spherical bearings. - A.V.RADULESCU
8 The choice of the high-capacity friction units of the band and block brake. - A.Petrik, N.Volchenko, I.Bekish
9 Derivation of friction coefficient between two hexagonal boron nitride sheets from ab initio calculations. - J.Koskilinna, T.Pakkanen, M.Linnolahti
10 Modelling and estimation of strengthening machine parts working under abrasive conditions by hard layers alloying. - V.Jankauskas
11 Regeneration of friction pairs in internal combustion engines by the metal cladding materials. - J.Padgurskas
12 Influence of fluor-oligomers on tribological properties of friction pairs under the conditions of changing load. - J.Padgurskas, S.Skirka
13 Influence of mass transfer conditions on content of electrodeposited amorphous Co-W alloys. - Z.I.Bobanova, V.I.Petrenko, S.P.Yushchenko, A.I.Dikusar
14 Physical mesomechanics formations residual stresses in electrolytic coatings. - D.IGNATKOV
15 Phase-structural transformation and residual stresses at carbon steel strengthening by electro-spark doping. - D.A.Ignatkov, V.V.Mikhailov
16 Phase-structural transformation and residual stresses at carbon steel strengthening by electrolytic chemical-thermal treatment after electro-spark doping. - D.A.Ignatkov, V.V.Mikhailov
17 The comparison of tribological properties of various cutting tool coatings. - A.┼Żunda, D.Adamonis, A.Andriu┼íis, D.Jankauskas
18 Mechanical properties and corrosion behaviour of electrolytic silver coatings. - O.BERSIROVA, H.CESIULIS, I.PROSY─îEVAS, V.KUBLANOVSKYY
19 Physical and chemical aspects of the interaction of fluor-oligomeric coat with the iron. - A.Amulevi─Źius, H.Cesiulis, J.Padgurskas, K.Ma┼żeika, ─î.Sipavi─Źius, R.Rukui┼ża
20 Effect of nanocopper-containing liquid lubricant on seizure in steel-steel sliding friction couple. - S.Y.Tarasov, S.Belyaev, N.G.Makarenko
21 Current collection sliding wear of Gadfield steel-base composite material. - V.V.FADIN, M.I.ALEUTDINOVA, S.A.BELYAEV, S.Y.TARASOV
22 Creation of boundary square of contact of multipair frictional sites of a band-block brake repeatedly ÔÇô short-lived of mode of operations. - E.KRYZHANIVSKY, N.VOLCHENKO