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Saugumo tyrimai JTC

Eil. Nr. Dokument┼│ s─ůra┼ías I┼ísaugoti
1 Radionuclide Metrology for Primary Standardisation and Policy Support
2 Basic Actinide Research
3 Providing metrological tools to support nuclear safeguards activities
4 Assessment of Chemicals
5 Computational Toxicology (incl QSARs)
6 Validation of alternative tests for the chemicals and cosmetics legislations
7 Validation for emerging areas (pharmaceuticals, biologicals, biomaterials & other products) and enabling technologies
8 Support to future chemicals legislation (REACH)
9 Data management and dissemination in nuclear safety
10 Spent Fuel Characterisation
11 Safeguards R&D
12 Safety of Nuclear Fuel
13 Measurement of radioactivity in the environment
14 Partitioning and Transmutation
15 Casks for High Level Nuclear Waste
16 Safety of Innovative Reactors Designs
17 Safety of Ageing Components in Nuclear Power Plants
18 Analysis and management of nuclear accidents
19 Nuclear Safeguards
20 Nuclear Sealing, Identification and Traceability
21 ST support for the implementation of GMO legislation
22 GMO CRMs and bioanalysis
23 Community Reference Laboratory (CRL) for Genetically Modified food and feed
24 Security and Reliability of Energy Supplies
25 Fuel Cell Systems Performance Testing and Standardisation
26 Energy Technologies Modelling and Scenarios Project
27 Scientific-Technical Reference System on Renewable energy and Efficient Use of Electricity
28 New and clean energy technologies assessment system
29 Systems for Alternative Fuels - SYSAF
30 Solar Electricity
31 Total Human Exposure Assessment Study
32 Alpha-immunotherapy and cell toxicity
33 Health Reference Measurement Systems
34 Food safety and quality control
35 Biological food safety; pathogens including TSE
36 Certified Reference Materials for Food Safety and Quality
37 Crop yield forecasting and Production estimates
38 Traceability of Livestock
39 Sustainable Agriculture
40 Feed Safety and Community Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives Authorisation
41 Cyclotron Applications in Health and Environment
42 Toxicogenomic Applications in Environmental Health Effects
43 Feasibility Study of the Integrated Environment and Health Information System
44 Development and Exploitation of Neutron Capture Therapy NCT