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2001 m. Nr.2

Eil. Nr. Dokument┼│ s─ůra┼ías I┼ísaugoti
1 Redkolegija
2 Turinys
3 Influence of unfavourable natural factors and pollutants on the complex of tomato photosynthetic pigments Brazaityt─Ś A., Duchovskis P., Juknys R., ┼Żukauskait─Ś I.
4 The effect of longterm storage conditions on seed germination in vegetables and medicinal plants Budvydyt─Ś A.
5 The role of basipetal IAA transport in the hormonal regulation of plant cell growth Darginavi─Źien─Ś J., Maksimov G.
6 Peroxidase isoenzymic spectra of cabbage, kohlrabi and red beet during flowering induction and generative development Duchovskien─Ś Z., ┼áik┼ínianien─Ś J.
7 Influence of gravity on the meristem structure of primary cress (Lepidium sativum L.) roots Kenstavi─Źien─Ś P.
8 Anatomic structure of axial organs of Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench Kmitien─Ś G. Raga┼żinskien─Ś O.
9 Pinus sylvestris needle surface characteristics in alkalised environment Kup─Źinskien─Ś E.
10 Efficiency of combination of phytohormones and R. leguminosarum bv. trifolii and S. meliloti strains for clover and lucerne Lapinskas E.
11 Efficiency of pesticides in spring barley sowing Lisova R.
12 Isolation and characteristics of closed inverted fragments of plant cell plasmalemma Maksimov G., Šveikauskas V.
13 The effect of diethylamine derivative (3-DEC) on modification of barley and rape stem growth Miliuvien─Ś L., Gavelien─Ś V.
14 Physiological responses of Lithuanian cultivars of Hordeum sativum ssp. distichum L. to Al exposure Rama┼íkevi─Źien─Ś A., Kup─Źinskien─Ś E., Sliesaravi─Źius A., Bla┼żyt─Ś A.
15 Quantitative changes in aminoacid proline and chlorophyll in the needles of Picea abies Karst. (L.) during stress and adaptation Skuodien─Ś L.
16 Changes in the chemical composition of grass seed and stem during the period of ripening Šlepetys J.
17 Structure and functioning of statocytes in Lepidium seedlings grown in weightlessness and under 1 g conditions ┼áveg┼żdien─Ś D., Koryznien─Ś D., Laurinavi─Źius R.
18 Phytoplankton dynamics in the Skroblus River longitudinal section (South East Lithuania) Bak┼źnait─Ś J., Kostkevi─Źien─Ś J.
19 Distribution of Lychnothamnus barbatus community in Lithuania Balevi─Źius A.
20 Changes in weed flora depending on the rate of manure on acid and limed soils ─îiuberkis S.
21 The liverwort flora of Vi┼ítytis Regional Park Kalinauskait─Ś N., Naujalis J. R.
22 The summer phytoplankton structure of some lakes located in Lithuanian protected areas Kasperovi─Źien─Ś J.
23 Analysis of phytoplankton structure in Lithuanian rivers Kostkevi─Źien─Ś J., Bak┼źnait─Ś J., Naujalis J. R.
24 Some aspects of composition dynamics of Primula farinosa L. populations Me┼íkauskait─Ś E., Naujalis J. R.
25 Plant associations of Dauco-Melilotion alliance in Lithuania Motiekaityt─Ś V.
26 Anthropogenic impact on the population of Lathyrus maritimus (L.) Bigelow on the Lithuanian protective coastal dune Ol┼íauskas A. M., Ol┼íauskait─Ś Urbonien─Ś R.
27 Effects of air pollution and droughts on forest condition in Lithuania Ozolin─Źius R., Stak─Śnas V.
28 Methods used to study the epiphytic lichen communities in oakwoods of Lithuania Prigodina-Luko┼íien─Ś I., Naujalis J. R.
29 Correlation between species number and homogeneity in plant communities of the Lithuanian seacoast Stankevi─Źi┼źt─Ś J.
30 Development of white clover cv. ÔÇśSuduviaiÔÇÖ in communities of various grass species Sprainaitis A., Paplauskien─Ś V.
31 Natural changes in bog vegetation reconstructed by subfossil tree remnant analysis Pukien─Ś R.
32 Nurodymai straipsni┼│ autoriams