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2010 m. Nr.2-4

Eil. Nr. Dokument┼│ s─ůra┼ías I┼ísaugoti
1 Titulinis * Redkolegija
2 An XPS and AFM study of Ar+-ion etched NiÔÇôW alloy surfaces, prepared by DC magnetron sputtering
3 Study of electrode kinetics and thermodynamics of zinc complexes with some L-amino acids and vitamin C by voltammetric technique
4 AFM study of the morphology of mixed copper sulfideÔÇôcopper telluride layers formed on the polyamide film surface using potassium telluropentathionate
5 Influence of heating conditions on the formation of solÔÇôgel derived calcium hydroxyapatite
6 Ternary complexes of niobium(V) with nitroderivatives of catechol and tetrazolium salts. Extraction-spectrophotometric investigations
7 Dispersive liquidÔÇôliquid microextraction of parabens
8 The influence of solvent on the quantity and antioxidant activity of ethanolic extracts of Lithuanian propolis
9 GC/EI-MS investigation of cultivated Petroselinum hortense Hoffm. fruit volatile oil from Northwest Iran
10 Synthesis and structure of N-(4-bromophenyl)-N-carboxyethyl-β-alanine derivatives
11 Essential oils of Hyssopus officinalis L. cultivated in East Lithuania
12 Synthesis and plant growth regulating activity of halo derivatives of 3,3ÔÇÖ-(arylimino)dipropanoic acids
13 Preparation of chitosanÔÇôalginate complex beads and their use for maltogenase immobilization
14 Instructions to authors
15 Contents of the journal CHEMIJA, Vol. 21 (2010)
16 Contents * Turinys